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Boulder-Denver Psychologist & Biofeedback Provider

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Biofeedback and Pain Management

Physical pain, in whatever form it comes, can put serious pressure on your life and mind. But while it may often seem like pain is just something we have to passively endure, the truth is that the strategies you use to cope with pain make a world of difference. Whether it is produced by a chronic condition, an injury, or a serious operation, Dr. Whitehouse’s Optimal Performance Training and therapies provide you with proven effective strategies and techniques to manage pain in your life so that it doesn’t take its toll on your mind and emotional well-being. In fact, Dr. Whitehouse’s holistic approach to psychophysiology ensures that you not only have a more comprehensive, accurate, and scientifically sound treatment, but that you also come away with better self-understanding, and a clearer picture of what the most effective ways are to cope with your body’s particular ailments. He also works with return to work and new career choices.

Dr. Whitehouse has worked in and with several pain clinics as a biofeedback director and also as a Psychologist providing psychological evaluations for surgeries and also providing therapy for coping with pain, sleep disruption, and the problems that accompany pain. See also FullyAliveMedicine.com

Using the latest in psychophysiological research, Dr. Whitehouse excels in using physiological feedback to tell, every step of the way, how your body interacts with your thoughts and emotional patterns. With his deep understanding of how your heart and breath affect the state of your body and mind, he is particularly well-suited and adept at understanding and giving the best, most scientifically sound psychological care whatever the physical pain you face. Don’t let your pain put an undue burden on your mind and emotional life. With Optimal Performance Training and therapy with Dr. Whitehouse, you develop a better understanding of how your pain affects you, and you get coping skills needed to live well in spite of your body’s ailments. He also has developed special SLEEP TIPS for anyone suffering from insomnia.

Dr. Whitehouse has held certifications in pain management, and continues his certification as a Senior Fellow in Biofeedback by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance. He also is a Somatic Experience Practitioner, trained in the trauma release work of Peter Levine and Diane Heller.

Biofeedback Services

Biofeedback is the use of electronic monitoring and/or training of physiological responses like muscle tension, heart rate, breathing patterns and chemistry, hand and foot temperature, perspiration, and/or brain waves. It does nothing to you. It is like an electronic mirror, where you can see on a computer screen how your body is showing pain, anxiety, anger, physical or health problems or optimal function states. You can learn how to control your physiology as part of pain or stress management, health status improvement, and optimal performance. Dr Whitehouse or assistants works as a coach or therapist while showing you your mind-body interactions with the biofeedback as you learn the skills of greater awareness and control, called self-regulation. Many Olympic competitors are now using BIOFEEDBACK in their training, too. Many clients use Dr Whitehouse’s copyrighted SQRT technique for preparing for any kind of upcoming challenge.

OPT for the BEST- Optimal Performance Training for the Body, Emotions, Spirit, and Thoughts