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Psychotherapy and Biofeedback Services are provided by Dr. Whitehouse who is highly trained and well experienced in these fields. He holds licensure in Psychology and BCIA certification in Biofeedback and is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Seminars and Workshops

Dr. Whitehouse is one of the most versatile and knowledgeable consultants and educators in the field of psychophysiology, biofeedback and psychotherapy.

Anxiety, Depression, Anger & Stress Mgt.

If you want relief and need coping skills for these, this is a specialty of ours.

Biofeedback and Pain Management

Biofeedback monitors your mind-body responses so you can learn to have more control over breathing, Heart Rate, muscle tension and more. Pain creates suffering. Our program focuses on prevention, reducing and managing pain.

Located in Boulder, Serving Boulder, Denver and surrounding area

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Who is Dr Bob Whitehouse

Whether you suffer from chronic pain, are trying to overcome a serious injury or operation; whether you suffer from excess anxiety, PTSD, depression, or you are simply interested in exploring new ways to realize your full potential, and enhance performance whether in sports, speaking, acting, or music, the Optimal Performance Training and therapies offered by Dr. Bob Whitehouse are practical, comprehensive ways to improve the life of your body and mind, your BEST team.

With over 40 years of experience in the field, between working as a clinical psychologist, a consultant, and an educator, Dr. Whitehouse is among the leading experts in psychophysiology, integrating biofeedback with psychotherapy to trace the complex relationship between your emotional life, your breathing, and your heart rate. His innovative approach has garnered him numerous awards and distinctions and involves tending to one of the simplest and most easily overlooked aspects of your life: how you breathe.

What We Do

Dr. Whitehouse’s services fall into three interrelated domains. As a practicing psychologist and biofeedback specialist, he uses cognitive-behavioral, existential, transpersonal, and somatic strategies along with appropriate use of capnometry and HRV during sessions to develop a better understanding of a patient’s mind-body interactions. This gives him unparalleled ability to diagnose and treat psychological ailments with care, accuracy and efficiency.

As a consultant, Dr. Whitehouse uses his expertise to train therapists, coaches, and anyone else with an interest in optimizing their performance and developing healthy breathing techniques and healthy HRV.

And as an educator, Dr. Whitehouse gives seminars and workshops around the world on breathing, HRV, and wellness. He has developed a Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and HRV Flexibility® training and certification program that gives clients the skills they need to help others attain optimal heart rate and breathing patterns, for a healthier physical, mental, and emotional life. He pioneered the Personal HRV and Breathing Profile

Using capnometry – the study of the efficiency of a person’s breathing (in particular, the concentration of carbon dioxide that a person’s breathing attains) – and measuring it along with heart rate variability (HRV), Dr. Whitehouse specializes in evaluating how a person’s inner life is affected by (and in turn affects) Heart Rate and how one breathes. With his program he is then able to teach clients how to improve their breathing and HRV and intervene more actively in the mind-body interactions that characterize every type of psychophysiological phenomenon, from depression to peak level sports performance.

OPT for the BEST- Optimal Performance Training for the Body, Emotions, Spirit, and Thoughts