Dr. Bob Whitehouse

Boulder-Denver Psychologist & Biofeedback Provider

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Anxiety, Depression, Stress and Anger Management

All emotions are healthy to have but not to act out. They play a vital role in our development as human beings. Anxiety, anger, and depression are about something that has taken place or might take place. Understanding that these feelings are trying to be of help and what they are about can be very helpful in learning best how to proceed, to creatively engage with and fulfill our life goals, and to live well.

All too often these potentially constructive forces in our lives are actually debilitating. They can just as easily and subtly cause us to lose confidence in our abilities; they can make us feel progressively less capable of success, less clear-headed, and, ultimately far less healthy of mind and body. And in the throes of excess anxiety or depression even the most reasonable life goals can come to seem like impossible dreams.

Whether you suffer from something as paralyzing as PTSD, or excess anxiety, anger or depression brought on by work, a break-up, a death or an illness in the family; or whether you just feel like accumulating stress is holding you back from reaching the next stage in your life, Dr. Whitehouse’s Optimal Performance Training and therapy gives you the skills and knowhow to manage your anxiety and thereby learn how to realize your BEST potential, live a good life and sleep easier.

One of the nation’s leading experts in applying biofeedback science to psychological care, Dr. Whitehouse is able to efficiently track the real, measurable interactions your body has with your mental and emotional life. In so doing, he excels in identifying dysfunctional breathing and heart rate patterns associated with anxious, angry or depressed thinking. From here, using techniques expertly devised to suit the situations you currently face in your life, he can then provide care designed to help you attain the optimal heart rate and breathing patterns, with the ultimate goal of improving your cognitive, emotional, and physical well-being and find more joy, love and compassion. Whether you are in the grips of a debilitating anxiety or simply trying to take the next steps towards realizing your BEST potential, Dr. Whitehouse’s Optimal Performance Training and therapy can provide you with the missing pieces you need to complete the puzzling picture your anxieties often make of your life and dreams.

OPT for the BEST- Optimal Performance Training for the Body, Emotions, Spirit, and Thoughts